External Design Of Fortunecookies

The fortune cookies are made with foil packaging material used in the food industry, printed with a unique graphic.

In addition, we can also offer unprinted foil + freely designed paper case packaging.

Packaging is machine-based, so some parameters must be met during the graphical designing. We give templates and help for it.

fortunecookie package references

Internal Message Carrier Surface

The default is a 60x60mm size paper sheet, both side printed to display your message and any graphics.

Choose the type of message, the material and form of the inside creative.

Get it from a wide range of possibilities, or create new one!


  • bigger sized, folded paper sheet
  • 4-8 page booklet
  • fridge magnet
  • sticker
  • puzzle game (also from sticker or fridge magnet)
  • coupon (barcode or QR code)
  • tattoo sticker
  • sheet with unique identifier (e.g. for online registration)
  • any other idea which fits in size and can packed with food

Content ideas:

  • general quotations, wisdom
  • campaign related messages
  • prize game
  • "fill-in" form
  • link/code for online registration
  • „collect it” game (e.g. elements of a text or picture)
  • serialization
  • unique identifier in each fortunecookie

The fortunecookies can be packaged sorted by the contents or by other means.

fortunecookie inside creatives

Additional options

Depending on your goals, we offer various additional solutions to help your fortunecookie campaign be really effective:

  •      Graphic Designing
  •      Gift box of cookies with unique design
  •      Retail display packaging
  •      Part-Production/Delivery (larger quantities, long period, variable internal creatives)
  •      Packaging of individual quantities (e.g.: each box different)
  •      Labelled carton boxes (e.g.: shop address, area code)
  •      Embossing (negative/positive) on the cookies
  •      Unique flavored cookies
  •      Campaign-Related Microsite (website) Development